LIBERATE YOUR VOICE + OWN YOUR STAGE You are a story worth singing. You are a walking song. You have a distinct whole body instrument. We are designed by nature to be an acoustic instrument. I help you to develop your voice, hone your skills, and establish an “everyone is a singer mentality.” You will learn to feel good and accept where your voice is, and sing the song of your body, with confidence and clarity. It is in our breath where we discover who we truly are. Once connected to our breath, we can then equip ourselves with the proper tools and techniques necessary to hone, shape, develop and be responsible with our sound and vibration, allowing us to speak from a heart centered, core engaged, point of power with focused intention. I use a unique approach with my vocal clients. Although I value and have myself been trained classically as a professional vocalist, I have learned how to expand upon standard techniques for optimal results and deeper, more purposeful connection to oneself, one’s gift, talent and audience. Sessions commence with breathing techniques to establish a solid foundation of self and to discover ones unique rhythm, sound and vibration. Through chanting, I teach how to harmonize one’s personal energies, tuning mind, body and spirit as instruments. We will explore and expand your unique sound through vocalization and mindful singing all while incorporating performance techniques. My passion is to hear your innate musicality, the voice come out of you through fun and play. My goal for you is to see, hear and feel you in your perfect self-expression.